1043981_395829780538120_295594276_nWhen will registration begin for Spring 2015?  
Registration for 2015 Spring baseball is closed for all levels.

What equipment will my child need?
Each player needs to have a baseball glove and sneakers/cleats. The league provides the Major, AAA, International and Minor, Mini-Minor and T-Ball with jerseys and caps which can be retained at the end of the season.  Parents will need to provide baseball pants which are available at Olympia Sports, Dick’s Sporting goods and other sporting goods stores.

When does the season begin?
Opening Day 2015 is scheduled for April 25th. The day begins with a parade, opening ceremonies, the ceremonial first pitch and the raffle drawing.  This is a fun, family event involving all players and coaches.

When do practices begin?
The Major, AAA, International and Minor leagues may begin practicing as soon as teams are selected and Mother Nature allows (or if the manager has access to an indoor facility). The Mini-Minor and T-Ball leagues will not hold practices prior to April 1.

How many practices are held?
It is suggested that Major, AAA, International and Minor league teams hold a minimum of two practices per week prior to Opening Day.  It is suggested that the Mini- Minor and T-Ball leagues do not practice more than two times per week prior to the season and once per week during the season.

Where are practices held?
Practice sites are left to the discretion of each team manager. It is suggested that practices are held so players are not greatly inconvenienced whenever possible but since many leagues are competing for field space in the spring that may not always be possible.

Where are games played?
Our main facility is on Gilligan Road and a secondary facility is on Brookview Road in Castleton – See Contact page for directions. The majority of our games are played at Gilligan Road but depending on the number of teams and scheduling conflicts some games are played at the Brookview Road (Castleton) facility.  All Travel games are played at the Castleton facility.

1001077_409445332509898_1174958495_nOn what days are games played?
The Major, AAA, International and Minor Leagues play their games on Saturday and Monday through Thursday (usually two games per week). The Mini-Minor and T-Ball teams play primarily on Sunday with the possibility of an occasional week night game.  Scheduling depends on the number of teams that need to play each week and working around school or other community functions.

What time are games played?
Saturday games begin at 9:00 AM with games scheduled every 2 to 2-1/2 hours depending on the level of play.  Sunday games begin at Noon and are also scheduled every 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Week night games are scheduled for 5:45 and 6:00 PM.  Each player will receive a schedule prior to the beginning of the season.

How long is the regular season?
The regular season runs for 8 to 10 weeks generally ending around June 20th.