Board of Directors

Roberto Clemente Final Score 6-30-13Board Meetings

All EGCYBL Board Meetings are held in the second floor meeting room above the Gilligan Road clubhouse and are open to the general public. Meetings are held monthly during the off season and twice monthly beginning in November.

Board Members

Justin Albano Concession Planning Manager
Craig Blake League Information Officer
Joe Brodzinski Secretary / Safety Officer
Jaimy Farnan Fundraising Agent
Jeff Finnegan Travel Ball Coordinator
Brian Fredericks NYS Tournament Director
Sam Gamello Minor Field
Tommy Gibbons Castleton Property Manager
Jay Grugan Concession Operations
George Hoffman Vice President
Steve Klimack Tee-Ball Division Representative
Aaron Lensink Player Agent
Anthony Lento EG Property Manager
Chris Loszynski Treasurer
Jay Martyn Athletic Director/Equipment Manager
Shawn McAdoo Minor/International Division Representative
Scott Mocerine League Scheduler
Sean Murtagh Umpire Coordinator
Christian Pitcheralle Mini-Minor Division Representative
Dean Skarlis President
Dan Stilson Major/AAA Division Representative
Dave Tomisman Major & International Fields
Mike Tucker Coaching/All Star Coordinator
Jon Van Kempen Fields – Castleton and EG
Tom Walters Events Coordinator