2015 Coin Drop Schedule and Information – May 30/31

The following is the schedule for this year’s coin drop being held at Crossgates Mall on May 30th and May 31st.

The specific location of the coin drop at the mall will be forwarded to you when we receive it from them, which they distribute 5 days prior to any coin drop.

Please try and have a 4-5 players for your team attend the coin drop and coaches/parents need to stay with them while they are collecting money.

Please have players use hats to collect money and then combine all collected money into a ziplock bag, label it with your team name and drop off at the concession stand to the Board Member on Duty.

Saturday – May 30th                                   Sunday – May 31st

10am – 11am – Mets/Siciliano                     

11am – 12pm – Blue Jays/Grugan         11am – 12pm – Rockies/Spirek

12pm – 1pm – Giants/Garrigan               12pm – 1pm – Braves/Silvernell

1pm – 2pm – Red Sox/Lento                     1pm – 2pm – Nationals/Finnegan

2pm – 3pm – A’s/O’Dell                               2pm – 3pm – Yankees/Russell

3pm – 4pm – Phillies/Klimack &             3pm – 4pm – Tigers/Gamello &

                        Cardinals/Baumeister                                    Rays/McAdoo

4pm – 5pm – Cubs/Dorn &                         4pm – 5pm – Lensink/Dodgers &

                        Ouimette/Orioles                                              Brewers/Hoffman

5pm – 6pm – Royals/Loszynski &           5pm – 6pm – Angels/Hulett &

                        Pirates/Smith                                                      D’Backs/Marchiony

Thank you for volunteering your time and working in the concession stand.  If you have forgotten when your team is scheduled, please hit the link below.